iOS App Development

Developing an app for the iPhone or iPad is tough. Apple requires all apps to go through its strict acceptance process before being sold in the App Store, and tales of rejection are legendary. We know the criteria for acceptance, and we know how to get your app approved the first time. We also know the differences between developing apps for the iPhone versus the iPad, and how to determine which device is best suited for a particular app. We also know how to position your app to attract attention and ultimately drive business to you.

Android App Development

Android powers a staggering number of devices worldwide?more than one million brand new devices each day! And there are numerous versions of Android currently in use. An Android app needs to be optimized to support all these different devices and versions. To top it off, Android uses open-source software that is free and open to all. This means that the marketplace is extraordinarily crowded with all sorts of apps of varying quality. We are highly experienced in Android app development, and we understand how to design an app that will work across multiple versions and devices. Not only that, but we know how to make your app stand out in the crowded field.